Meet The Staff

We are privileged at Wray Endowed Primary School to have a hard working, caring and knowledgeable staff.  The staff do all in their capabilities every day to ensure the children are safe and enjoy learning.

Meet our staff…

Headteacher: Mrs A. Phillips
Class 3 Teacher: Mrs C. Hargreaves
Class 3 Teacher: Mrs S. Harrison
Class 2 Teacher: Mrs S. Norton
Class 1 Teacher: Mrs R. King
Specialist Music & Spanish Teacher: Ms B.Perez-Barreiro

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs H. Lewis
Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs S. Cook
Teaching Assistant: Mrs C. Taylor
Teaching Assistant: Mrs F. Wood
Teaching Assistant: Mrs H. Staveley
School Bursar: Mrs N. Ashton
After School Club Assistant: Mrs J. Kates
School Cook: Mrs M. Scott