School Ethos and Values


At Wray with Botton Endowed Primary School we will provide a safe, inclusive and happy environment where children will be valued, challenged and encouraged to meet their full potential through the provision of a creative curriculum.

This will be achieved through positive partnership with pupils, staff, parents, governors and the wider village community.


  • All members of the School community are treated with respect.
  • All pupils are provided with equality of opportunity to develop individual talents and attain their full potential in order to develop life-long skills.
  • We provide a stimulating environment and creative curriculum which encourages curiosity, enquiry and a desire to be part of the education adventure.
  • We involve the local community as fully as possible in the development of the work of the School.

Children will leave Wray with Botton Primary School responsible for themselves and their learning journey, respectful to all, honest and confident in order to prepare them to continue their journey through life.