School Council

Well done to everyone that applied to be a School Councillor this year.  Your hard work has been recognised and those that have applied should have all received a certificate.

The choice was tricky this year as many were interested, which is great news for me because it means that the School Council is a great place to be!  However, I had to choose 6 (I only have 6 badges!), so here are my results – the School Council for 2018-2019 are:

  • Arthur
  • Millie
  • Dylan
  • Olive
  • Bronnie
  • Alex

I will be asking some older members of the school to take part in certain events that require extra hands, or extra mature thinking.  I cannot take applicants from the previous year, but if you are keen to apply next year, all are welcome to try again!

By Hazel Lewis

HLTA at Wray with Botton Endowed Primary School, the key person for Reception class. My duties include teaching day to day, overseeing and updating the website once weekly, School Council leader and coordinator of Music.