Fire Service Help

Year 6 learned all about road safety with the fire service on Tuesday.  We learned that you must ALWAYS wear a seatbelt – and put it on BEFORE YOU SET OFF.  If you cycle, you must ‘ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET’.  Any distractions, e.g. mobile phones, must not be used if you ware walking near a road.  Also, headphones should stay out of your ears so that you can hear traffic.  Booster seats must be used in cars up until a child is either 12 years old, or 135CM tall.


Year 2 learned about how to know if there is a fire in the house.  Each house should have a smoke alarm upstairs and downstairs.  These should be self tested once a week.  If the alarm sounds, go to the nearest door and test the heat of the handle with the BACK OF YOUR HAND so that you can still grip when needed.  If it is not hot, get down LOW TO THE GROUND, FIND HELP AND CRAWL TO SAFETY.  All fire engines will arrive at your house within ten minutes of a phone call.  If the handle is hot, get to the nearest window and open it, and call for help.  If you can get out safely without breaking the window, use a duvet, or a cover to land safely and on a soft landing.


Isle of Man – The first day!

Just to let you all know, the children have arrived safely at The Isle Of Man!  The weather was bright blue skies for their travels over there, they kept dry on the boat and have spent their first day getting wet in canoes!  They are all having great fun and Mrs Norton-Smith and Mrs Wood are enjoying every minute with them too!

Phase 4 for parents

Reception have been working through Phase 4 at an incredible pace!  The sounds in this phase are mainly consonant based, so it is important to keep recapping the Phase 3 sounds as well – as this goes over different vowel sounds in words…  Further ideas and links are available under Class 1 on the website – look for Phase 4.

Please also have a look below for the Phase 4 sound mat: