Scarecrows 2018

Every year provides us with much excitement when it comes to scarecrows, and 2018 has been no different so far…

Wray School have been very busy with Mary… Not just any Mary, but Mary Poppins!  Check out our David Attenborough who has been visiting the flood gardens as well – the children made their own sea creatures and wrote a description to match as well.

Class 3 have been super excited to share their brilliant writing with everyone.  Class 2 have made some super penguins and helped design our carousel horses, whereas Class 1 have made and under the sea extravaganza with interesting creatures, including jellyfish that are 3D!

We took a walk on the first Friday of our exciting scarecrow season to see some of the fantastic scarecrows that have been designed by our villagers – thank you for your hard work – it is worth every minute!

By Hazel Lewis

HLTA at Wray with Botton Endowed Primary School, the key person for Reception class. My duties include teaching day to day, overseeing and updating the website once weekly, School Council leader and coordinator of Music.