Maypole Dancing

Scarecrow Festival 2018

The business of scarecrows is upon us.  It has come round more quickly this year than any of us could have ever imagined!  The whole school have been so busy…

As you all know, we learn songs and dance each year.  Mrs Wood has challenged us to try out some new dances around the maypole!  We are all feeling very proud to continue the tradition of this dancing that has existed for many years here in Wray.

Maypole dancing itself has a long history.  For those of you that might not know a lot about the dance, here is some quick information for you to read:  Maypole dancing is a form of folk dance from Germany, England, and Sweden. There are two forms. The first and most popular consists of dancers that perform circle dances around a tall, garland-festooned pole. In the second, dancers move in a circle, each holding a colored ribbon attached to a much smaller pole.

So far our dancing is going well.  We have had a lot of new pupils into our school this year, who, considering they have never tried maypole dancing before, are extremely good!

Take a look at some of our practise poses.  To experience the real thing though, come up to see us perform from Monday 30th April until Friday 4th May at 1.30 PM each week day (at which point we hope you are looked a bit like scarecrows yourselves!).