Hooray for the School Council!

The School Council at Wray have been very busy so far this academic year…

In November they planted bulbs for crocuses (down by the Flood Gardens) to arrive in spring. You will see these popping up soon in March/April!  They have done this to raise awareness of the polio disease.  The colour purple represents the charity for polio.  For further information on what polio is – please visit

This term we have been looking at raising money.  Harrison in particular was very interested in raising awareness and money for the guide dogs.  The day before February half term, the whole school dressed brightly and brought in money for cakes and biscuits to raise money for the guide dogs.  We raised nearly £60!  This has been transferred successfully to the charity for the guide dogs.  Please see the following site if you are interested in hosting your own coffee morning for the same proceeds;

Finally, some of the money that has been raised from recent non uniform days has helped the school to order some new sports equipment for Key Stage Two playtimes…  The ‘catch’ is that we now have to look after this equipment and not allow the balls to fly over the wall!  School Council have agreed to be the playtime ‘police’.  They have worked hard with Miss Bradley to decide on the sports equipment that they could order with the money allowed.  Mrs Norton-Smith kindly matched the money that we had already raised in the School Council budget, which meant we could order lots!!!

Keep it up School Council – and if anyone has any ideas for the School Council do not hesitate to ask Miss Bradley.

By Hazel Lewis

HLTA at Wray with Botton Endowed Primary School, the key person for Reception class. My duties include teaching day to day, overseeing and updating the website once weekly, School Council leader and coordinator of Music.