A message from the last Year 6!

Wray School had a sad day when it came to the time to say goodbye to our fantastic 7 Year 6 pupils who will be going on to bigger things at secondary school.

This thoughtful group of children were Mrs Norton Smith’s first cohort when she started as head here 7 years ago, so a special attachment had been made between pupils and the head.

The Year 6s are a special group of children, with so much talent and aspiration between them, as well as the fact they are genuinely some of the loveliest children we all know.  They left a special letter to continue the trend of loveliness with our new reception children starting in September, and it went something like this:

“Dear new receptions,

We hope you will all really enjoy your time at Wray Primary School, as we have.  We would like to tell you some of the amazing memories that we have had here.  There are many experiences you can enjoy like: the whole school trips, the pantomime, Forbidden Corner, going to Borwick Hall and going to museums.  There are lots of tournaments for people who like sports, amazing clubs throughout the week – something different every day.

There are lots of activities that take place like: swimming, PE, Art, Forest School and Science.  You will make loads of new amazing friends and Wray will become your family.

Love from Year 6 leavers of 2018. “

By Hazel Lewis

HLTA at Wray with Botton Endowed Primary School, the key person for Reception class. My duties include teaching day to day, overseeing and updating the website once weekly, School Council leader and coordinator of Music.