Aspirations week went to a flying start with our first guest – Nik Smith, a Forensic Scientist!  We got our lab coats on and got ready to meet him…

He truly inspired the children with detail of his work investigating crimes.  He delivered a PowerPoint based on the Minions stealing a banana and the children had to use the evidence to find out who it was.  We learned how to take a footprint sample correctly, using powder and gel films to go over the footprint, or electro static material to stick the footprint onto a black foil.  After that, we learned about the different types of finger prints and we now know that even identical twins have different fingerprints and everyone has  different DNA.

Nik also told us a little about how blood stains can be seen even on dark clothing – in a special ultra light that makes the dark stains stand out on any clothes.  The older children learned a bit more about this than our younger children.

Amazing.  Nik managed to persuade Mrs Lewis to dress up as a Forensic Investigator.  She soon warmed up in that outfit!

I bet you are all wondering which Minion stole the banana…. Scroll down to the bottom of this page, after you’ve seen our pictures, to find out!

And the culprit was….. STUART!!