Phonics support for Pre – Reception children

For the parents of our lovely children starting Wray in September…

Our sounds are so important in our language.  When the children first arrive at school, we will revise the phase 1 sounds.  This does not involve letter sounds yet!  It involves sounds from real life and being able to communicate through their own use of sounds with their peers.

Please take a look at this link to help you play some phase 1 games at home:

If you feel as though your child is confident with initial sounds, then phase 2 would be our next step – which involves the sounds of the letters S A T P I N…  The actions can be learned through ‘Jolly Phonics’ songs:

By Hazel Lewis

HLTA at Wray with Botton Endowed Primary School, the key person for Reception class. My duties include teaching day to day, overseeing and updating the website once weekly, School Council leader and coordinator of Music.