Happy Half Term & 10 Top Tips For Success…

Happy Half Term & 10 Top Tips For Success…

Wow! We have made it through half an academic year already!  Can you believe your child is half way to the next year….?  Receptions are gearing up for Year 1… At the other end of the school, our two young gentlemen in Year 6 are gearing up for High School!

Thank you for all your hard parenting work since September, and long may it continue into the rest of the year as the Curriculum is going to get busier through spring and summer…

I have been having a read of The Express recently, and found a very interesting article with some snippets that I thought I must share with you!  Words of wisdom can be fantastic, but as we all know, we know our children best and know what works or doesn’t work with them – so please take these tips with a pinch of salt – they may be helpful, and you may already know them, or it may be new to you… Enjoy!

Top tips for you and your child to help make it into next year with success:

  1.  Inspire your child to do well
  2. Read and help with homework
  3. Sleep plenty
  4. Remember – it’s not a competition – compete only with yourself – be your best YOU
  5. Balance school and before/after school time
  6. Protect family time
  7. Find out about their day
  8. Never say you are useless at something (children pick up on this and use these phrases!)
  9. Turn off the telly!
  10. Act quickly if things go wrong.

EYFS Outdoor Mini Make Over!

EYFS Outdoor Mini Make Over!

In the midst of waiting for some work to be done on our outdoor area for the Reception children, we have left it feeling a little abandoned over the winter…

So I invited Mr Lewis in with me over the weekend to give it some TLC – we made some space by getting rid of a climbing frame that could no longer be used and moving our water area and mud kitchen into a more usable space.  We also brought out some tyres for sports, counting and lots of other possible activities.  There is a still a bit of work to do with keeping the area tidy and in good condition – we were thinking a bit of fence paint and some gardening over the spring and summer would really help too.

If we have any parent volunteers that would like to help with the outside of our school in their spare time – please let a member of staff know that you want to help, and what you would like to do!  We would be eternally grateful for any extra support we can get in the upkeep of our fantastic school.

Phonics Phase 3 for Reception Parents

Phonics Phase 3

Thank you to all of our Reception parents for their continued hard work on reading at home and working on the sounds.

Over the next few months, more homework will be sent home in the homework books – but this is a choice at this stage in primary school!  If you feel your child is getting enough practise elsewhere that is fine.

Here are 2 links that will help with learning all of our phase 3 sounds and tricky words:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob7bOrRtX3Q (Phase 3 phonic support)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmRqONZn954 (Jolly phonics phase 3 songs)

The following sound mat should also be in your child’s homework book (Reception)…