Important: For parents

A recent letter has gone out to all parents to inform them of the news from school.  Mrs Wood has made the decision to retire.

I have had the privilege to work with this truly wonderful teacher for a year now and I know how sorely missed she will be by everyone when she leaves.  Mrs Wood works tirelessly to ensure the school and the children in it have everything they need.  She welcomed me into the classroom at the start of this year with no questions, and supported me every step of the way as I learned the ropes.  After 22 years here, I know she has met so many people along the way and shared so much life with staff, children and parents alike.  Retirement is a huge step for anyone to take, but we know that with her walking, hiking, cycling, swimming (the list of sporting activities could go on for a while) and her new grandchild on the way, Mrs Wood will be kept very occupied and will throw herself into retirement with as much gusto as she does everything else.

To ensure we can all give Mrs Wood the send off she deserves, we are having a collection in school for her leaving present.  Please contact Mrs Norton Smith with any further questions that you wish to ask about Mrs Wood’s send off.