Craft Day with Abbeystead

Our joint Christmas Craft Day with Abbeystead was a great day!!  88 children in our school made it feel like a squash and a squeeze, but the children made the day feel so special!  They all got on very well and helped each other make wish wands, tree weaving and stained glass pictures along with finger printing cards!

Great team work everyone…  We are looking forward to the next catch up with our Abbeystead friends!

Aspirations Week – Things to note

We are extremely excited about our visitors that have been planned in to come and see our children at Wray next week (week beginning 19.11.18)…

Our visitors:

We have many visitors booked to inspire the children thanks to the hard work of all the staff to get in touch with people far and wide.  These inspirational visitors include the fire service, the police, forensics, ICT specialists and even Animal Care.

On the note of animals, we are looking forward to meeting ‘Buddy’ the collie dog from Animal Care.  We have been assured that he has visited school after school over the past two years and had no issues, but if you would prefer your child to stay out of the session where they get to meet the Animal Care man and his dog Buddy, please let Mrs Norton Smith or Mrs Phillips know.

Donations welcome:

All visitors are coming to our school at no price at all.  Animal Care, however, is a charity run business and therefore all donations of money (£1 suggestion per child) and/or old but washed bed linen, pillows etc all welcome for the shelter (no feathers though please!).  Mrs Lewis will be taking a personal trip over to Animal care following the visit from Michael, the schools visitor, and will take up all donations given.

Many thanks to all parents at Wray for your continued efforts and support as part of our thriving school.

Picking Up Arrangements

We hope everyone is pleased with the new arrangements for picking up.  The plan is to send the smaller children out first at 3.10 PM and then older ones can come and meet their parents down the side of the school.  This way, the children do not run into the road and put themselves in any danger.

We thank you for your understanding on this matter – please let us know if you have any other suggestions to make this new idea keep working on a day to day basis.